Advanced Bleiker Training
a Bleiker program for returning students
Public Outreach Mastery

In this self-paced program, you'll elevate your understanding of Consent-Building to that of Implementation Geniuses.

You'll learn to see outreach and the obstacles to it (misinformation, Social Media, NIMBY) as Implementation Geniuses do.

Being a leader isn't always easy or comfortable... This high-level training requires your motivation and effort.

We can't do it for you.

But we CAN give you the roadmap to become the leader your team (and public) desperately need!

(Hint: it's comes down to your public outreach.)

YOU can be the one your boss turns to in times of uncertainty, animosity, and public distrust.

Through 4 online modules, we'll show you how to integrate and apply our approach to your everyday work.

For a year, you'll also have access to live Q&A calls, one-on-one feedback (from the Bleikers), and student discussion areas.

Hundreds of new students have gone through this program, and we're now opening up to returning students like you.

Be the one your colleagues (and boss)
turn to when things look hopeless.

Get immediately practical guidance you can use tomorrow and for the rest of your career through 4 online modules. Each module is really a course of its own (and covers more than we did in the 3-day CPO: Citizen Participation by Objectives course we used to offer). 

1. Strategic Module walks you through doing the diagnostic work of identifying your high-priority Objectives on any sized project. Before you even finish the module, you'll create materials to help get the public to understand the key issues of your project, policy, or proposal. This is a powerful module that when integrated into your work will put you head and shoulders ahead of others because your outreach will be focused and precise. 

2. Tactics Module opens your vision (literally and figuratively) to see how you're unintentionally sending messages to the public without even realizing it. Professional often claim to be "transparent", but don't realize how they're leaving people with the impression they aren't. In this module you'll get some practical help to be certain you aren't making these common and serious communications mistakes.

3. Respect & Legitimacy Module is a deep-dive into leadership, even if you're at the bottom of the totem pole. This module is designed to help you gain opponents' trust. Which is no small feat! But it's doable when you follow the roadmap we've designed to get you there.

4. Values Module unlocks the key to why people do what they do. Why they get emotional and personally attack you and staff... Why they reverse course and apologize for being "unfair"... Why they either become violent or decide not to fight you and your team. This module illuminates what makes people tick, especially your fiercest opponents and how to get them to work with not against you.

Sign-up for the program, and you'll gain instant access to all four modules for one year, receive weekly emails to help keep you progressing through the material at your own pace, as well as access to live Q&A sessions, and personalized feedback.

A fantastic course that actually seems implementable. I wish we could rewind time and apply these methods to so many past projects!
– Tina Bui, Manager of Government Relations, CAPMETRO, Austin
Highlights of the 4 Modules

Strategic Module


How to tailor your Outreach Program

Tactics Module


DOs & DON'Ts of Advisory Committees, Meetings, and other Techniques

Respect & Legitimacy Module


Reversing Anti-Government Attitudes 

Values Module


Why Opponents get Emotional, Dishonest, Threatening -- and what to do about it

Public Outreach will make or break you

-Be the leader your team, the public, and your boss need.

- Get projects back on track when no one knows the way forward.

- Feel fulfilled by accomplishing your best work when it looked impossible.

Student Feedback

"Several employees took the training years ago and found it to be very helpful, to the point that they were called upon to assist other employees facing similar issues in other areas of expertise."

- Ian Gregg, Game Management Division Chief, Pennsylvania Game Commission

"Great! I loved the stories and examples that put this process into perspective."

- Lacey Risdal, Public Works Administration Director, City of Eugene

"Your courses have made a difference in my life. Since taking both your courses I have made some very controversial projects move forward where in the past the DOT has stalled...

My unit has made some tremendous impacts using your courses."

- Roland Hawk, Wisconsin DOT

Become phenomenally effective
Answers to your questions...

Once you've had our introductory (SDIC) course, you're ready for this advanced training. You'll learn how to integrate and apply our Consent-Building approach through four online modules: Strategic, Tactics, Respect & Legitimacy, and Values.

Gain immediately useful insights you can use for the rest of your career, including:

*Create a tailored Outreach Program (Strategic)

*Learn the DOs and DON'Ts of meetings, Advisory Committees and other Techniques (Tactics)

*How to reverse Anti-Government attitudes towards you and your colleagues (Respect & Legitimacy)

*Why stakeholders give their Informed Consent while others become emotional or threaten violence (Values)

We recommend allotting 2 - 3 hours per week to watch the videos, complete any exercises, and engage with us and other students.

Or you're welcome to binge-watch the lessons and get our feedback as you go.

Absolutely! While you complete the lessons within each module, we're here to give you feedback and answer questions through live Q & A sessions, online discussion areas and direct emails, phone calls, or online meetings.

If you haven't completed our introductory course (SDIC: Systematic Development of Informed Consent), you'll need to start there first. We're currently working on an online version.

Or if you're not open to reconsidering how to interact with the public, especially opponents.

After you've completed each module's lessons, submitted assignments for our feedback, and participated in the online discussion area -- we'll send you a certificate of completion!

(Many students proudly add this to their resume as it our training has become recognized as a standard in many professions.)

I honestly use it EVERY DAY.
In the thousands of hours of training I've been through,
YOURS is the most useful.
- Lisa VanderHeyden, Arapahoe County Facilities & Fleet Mgmt
and Vice President, IFMA: Public Sector Council of Intl. Facilities Mgmt Assoc.

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